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Thanks for visiting our website. Listed below are the times, days and areas covered by our Short-wave Radio and FM Radio programs. Our short-wave programs are broadcast by the World Wide Christian Radio (WWCR) station in Nashville, TN. Our weekly "Living In Christ" programs can be heard as listed below:
  • Short-wave: World Wide Christian Radio (WWCR) at: 5.070 MHz at 6:00pm CST on Saturday Evening. Broadcast targets N. and S. America.
  • Short-wave: World Wide Christian Radio (WWCR) at: 3.215 MHz at 9:00pm CST on Sunday evening. Broadcast targets N. and S. America.
  • FM Radio: American Family Radio (AFR) at: 89.5, 91.1 and 91.7 FM at 9:00am on Sunday morning. Broadcast targets central and N. central Arkansas area.

Our RADIO ARCHIVE section contains Radio programs that have aired in the past year. They are in MP-3 Audio format and can be listened to or downloaded if you like. There is no charge for downloading. CDs of the programs can be obtained by contacting us at: 501-316-0136, or by writing to us at: Community Church of God, 2701 W. Robinhood Dr, Benton, AR. 72019, or email:


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